Celebrate Black History Month With West African Drumming Lessons

With Black History Month coming up this October, there’s never been a better chance to learn more about African culture. 

Black History Month, also known as African American Month, is rooted in the struggle for civil rights and social justice. It’s a great time to reflect on the impact of African culture on not only America but other nations like the UK. This year, it runs from Sun, 1 Oct 2023 to Tue, 31 Oct 2023.

Black History Month is also an ongoing reminder of the ongoing struggle for civil rights and social justice and as a celebration of the rich and diverse heritage of African Americans. 

How can I celebrate this event in the capital?


There are all kinds of awesome events and activities in London during Black History Month, including those centred around music. If you wish to hire Jahdiafolila for your upcoming event, we would love to hear from you. We regularly appear at private and corporate events across the capital, teaching West African music and dance. 

We run evening classes at Blackfriars Settlement every Wednesday. We’re also available for one-to-one lessons, school tuition and affordable Djembe repairs. 

Other events in the capital include guided walks around the capital, which uncover more than 3,500 years of London’s Black history. You might want to visit the Windrush statue at Waterloo which was introduced last summer. 

Why learn West African drumming and dance?

African dance and music in particular is some of the most mesmerising and unique. It’s had a massive impact on other genres all over the world, from jazz to contemporary pop. Learning about its origins and evolution can provide valuable insights into the global history of music and how it’s all connected.

Drumming is some of the most energising and electrifying types of music. 

Learning West African drumming can open your eyes to the rich cultural traditions of this region. You can become part of an incredible atmosphere with like-minded people from all kinds of backgrounds.


The djembe is one of the most versatile instruments in the world and it’s highly popular thanks to its ability to create a range of pitches. We have djembe drums for sale which are suitable for semi-professionals and professional musicians. 

West African drumming lessons are ideal for people of all ages. 

As a highly inclusive activity, it’s brilliant for bringing everyone together. Check out our YouTube channel and you can see how powerful the ambience can be!

Learning this type of music and dance can also enable you to contribute to the preservation of these wonderful cultural traditions. 

Find out more about our West African drumming lessons in London. Or simply get in touch today.